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Get a little help writing your cover letter for your next job


You may see links on our website for "cover letter for job” or "cover letter for CV” and wonder why you may need help writing a cover letter. After all, it is just a few lines you add to your application or email, so why would you need help with your cover letter writing?


The reason is obvious if you look at it from the other direction. If your cover letter said, "Take my CV and push a pineapple up your chocolate flute”, you can imagine that the future employer would be unwilling to give you the job. He or she probably wouldn’t even look at your CV, and if he or she did, then he or she STILL wouldn’t want to give you the job. That is how powerful your cover letter is.


If a cover letter is powerful enough to guarantee you DON’T get a job, then can it work the other way? Can a good cover letter help you get a job? Can a fantastic cover letter improve your chances of getting a job? Can a brilliant cover letter guarantee that your future employer looks as your CV? The answer to all is "Yes.” A cover letter is powerful enough to guarantee you won’t get a job in the same way it can (almost) guarantee your success.




How to write cover letter


Many students and unemployed people simply do not know how to write a cover letter. They struggle when writing a CV and when writing a cover letter. They need more than cover letter tips, they need outright help, and that is where we come in.


If you are going to write your own cover letter, then try to keep it simple. You need to introduce yourself very quickly. You need to explain why you are sending the CV. You should then start a new paragraph and give three good reasons why you should get the job. Try to mention the reasons why you (specifically) should get the job over other people.


However, if you have no unique selling points, such as dedicated experience in the business, then include a series of things that make you a good employee. These things include your flawless absenteeism record, the fact you drive, the fact you have never touched drugs, never been in trouble with the police and have never been fired.


Why it is better to ask professional writer to write a cover letter


One of our professional writers has the experience needed to correctly communicate with your potential employer. Your future employer is looking for something very specific, and he or she is likely to look through your cover letter to find that certain something. When one of our writers writes your CV cover letter, he or she is able to think the way your future employer thinks.


They are able to get into their head a little better than you are. Our writers have industry experience, and they have cover letter writing experience from their years with us. All of this adds up to a powerfully persuasive mix that can be applied to your cover letter.


Remember that your first point of contact is often your cover letter. There is no point in spending hours and hours of your own time writing a perfect CV if you have a cover letter that scares people away.


You may opt to write nothing but "CV attached” but remember that your cover letter can help you get a job too, and a good one may give you the edge over your competition. We offer some fantastic prices for our CV and cover letter services, so think of us when you are typing up your next cover letter.



Jul 16th 2014 3:37 pm